Chishty Ajmer,Market


Chief Moallim Hazrat Khwaja Syed Moinuddin Hasan Chishty(R.A.)

HAJI Shah Syed Shah Nawaz Chishty
s/o HAJI Peer Syed Hasan Chishty




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Contact :- 0091-9829270093

Contact :- 0091-9829270093


Note : Do not send any Zakat money ; Sadqah , Fitrah& money for orphans.
Donations & Nazrana will be accepted only

plz note

Some persons & few institutions or communities which are not related to Darbar Sharif take the amount in name of Khwaja SB. Please do not give them any amount because any body cannot enter fair in our syed chishty family.If any person contact you about it please inform me as soon as possible by telephone because all the managements of Darbar Sharif belong only with our Syed Chishty Family .It is only we syed khadim chishty family who have the power to do any noble work which belongs to darbar sharif and only we have power to collect
any amount of Darbar Sharif so I hope you will contact me by phone at the earliest possible after reading this

Plz contact me before arriving at Ajmer so I can make arrangements for your boarding & lodging in my own guest house (built specially for the devotees of Gharib Nawaz) free of charge .


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